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Gmail’s Promotions Tab is Here! ~ Marketers Rejoice!

Priority Inbox


The arrival of Gmail’s Priority Inbox and new tabbed mailbox does not herald the coming Email Marketing Apocalypse, in fact it is quite the contrary. Ihave sprung up promising to help manage the Inbox and help users “get stuff accomplished” in the wake of too much email. Alongside this have been the doubters crying out that email is dead and reached the end of it’s usefulness citing stats like 85% of the email sent worldwide daily is Spam. Too much bacon, spam, and email has driven users to social channels for news and communication. Gmail is reviving the communication stream of email by empowering users with pre-sorting email. This was seen previously in a plugin bought by Return Path called OtherInbox. Gmail is not killing email marketing it’s providing marketers a place to grow. It would be a mistake for marketers to try to game the Priority Inbox as any gains would be short lived and serve only to diminish the reputation of the sender. And don’t wait around hoping that user outcry will cause Gmail to relent and rollback (can you say Google Reader?). It is certainly too early to tell one way or the other but I for one welcome the challenge to stand out in the Promotional tab. Check out this write up on Mailchimp’s blog about open rates in the wake of Priority Inbox.